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Get to know Angela Chang Design Studio

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Angela Chang: A Journey in Design

Angela is a passionate interior designer whose expertise spans Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Hospitality projects. Licensed and registered in Florida, Angela's design philosophy, deeply rooted in a blend of artistic vision and practical functionality, mirrors our commitment to transforming any area into a reflection of its inhabitants' personalities and lifestyles. As a top modern interior designer in Sarasota, Angela’s work is both innovative and personalized.

Welcome to Angela Chang Design Studio, where every design tells a story. Based in Sarasota, our passion lies in transforming spaces into reflections of the people who use them, blending beauty with functionality. Whether it's your home, office, or a cozy hotel lobby, our modern interior designers are here to create something unique for you. Dive in and see how we make design functional.

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Early Inspirations and Academic Pursuits

Angela's journey into the world of design began in Taipei, Taiwan, where her early fascination with art shaped her future. Accepted into an art-focused middle school, she honed her skills in sketching and painting, laying the groundwork for her design career. This passion led her to Iowa State University for pre-architectural studies, where she discovered her true calling lay within the interiors of a building, sparking a desire to explore the dynamics between space, materiality, and occupant interaction. Her path to becoming a modern interior designer started here.

Educational Milestones

Angela's pursuit of design took her from the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, for her Master of Science in Environmental Design – Spatial Experience. These experiences solidified her understanding of design as a holistic experience, encompassing everything from the external environment to the minutiae of interior details.

Professional Growth and Personal Life

Angela's career began in a Los Angeles boutique firm, specializing in commercial corporate design, where she evolved into a versatile designer. In 2020, Angela's journey brought her to Longboat Key - Sarasota, Florida, accompanied by her partner Nick and their dog Cookie.

Angela's clients would describe her approach to design as lighthearted yet straightforward, with a keen eye for detail. Outside of design, she finds joy in traveling, culinary adventures, camping, and leisurely beach walks, sometimes with a fishing rod in hand. Her approach as a modern interior designer in Sarasota combines personal touch with professional expertise.

Transforming spaces into reflections of the people who use them.

Angela Chang Design Studio: We Believe in Quality

Angela Chang Design Studio was founded with a vision in mind - to provide the best user experience for our clients with each design solution tailored to their vision. Combining personalized functionality, beautiful design, and high professional standards is our goal. Our commitment as modern interior designers is to work closely with our clients, general contractors, and other trades on each project to minimize errors and achieve the greatest satisfaction from each project.

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"Design is as much a matter of finding problems as it is solving them."
 - Bryan Lawson

Author, Architect and Scholar.

Full-Service Interior Design Studio

Our team at Angela Chang Design Studio is self-sufficient and ready to engage with your project. We are fully equipped with the necessary expertise, resources, and support to excel in crafting and executing your design vision to perfection.

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