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Transforming Spaces into Experiences with Hospitality Design

In the dynamic world of hospitality design, our focus is on creating memorable experiences for guests. We blend innovation with comfort to craft spaces that not only welcome but also enchant and engage. From boutique hotels to upscale restaurants, our designs aim to capture the essence of the brand while ensuring every detail contributes to a guest's experience.


2,780 SF, Lakewood Ranch, FL


Concept done at JKLDG

A thematic restaurant concept was proposed for Tsunami’s second location at Lakewood Ranch. Working with restaurant design firm – Dehart Design Studio, we used patterns and Japanese-inspired design elements to create a unique dining experience for their customers.


3,140 SF, Sarasota, FL


Concept done at JKLDG

An influencer-culture-inspired restaurant concept was proposed for Lily café. Looking into the social media trends and brunch culture, we created this conceptual package that can potentially bring in new younger customers and boost sales.

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