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Professional Interior Design Process

At Angela Chang Design Studio, we structure our design process with essential design principles.

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These crucial steps help set clearer goals and expectations, increase quality and efficiency, and reduce miscommunications and revisions. As a leading interior design firm in Sarasota, we ensure every phase is meticulously planned and executed.

"The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests."

 - Charles Eames

Designer, Architect and Filmmaker

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Our ultimate goal is to make our clients happy in their transformed spaces. Our reputation as a top interior design firm in Sarasota is built on client satisfaction and exceptional results.

Our Design Process


"Client Questionnaire" - 15 minutes

We ask all our potential clients to please fill out the Client Questionnaire, which was created to identify your project's scope, objectives, and preferences. After completing the form, you will receive a request to schedule your free 30-minute Introductory Call. This initial step helps our interior designers understand your needs better.


"Introductory Call" - 30 minutes

This free call with our Designer will give us a better understanding of you and the needs of your project. We will discuss your answers to the Client Questionnaire and for you to ask us any questions you may have. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your project. Choosing our interior design firm ensures a comprehensive understanding from the start. You can book the call here.


Pre-Project Programming - 1 week

After the Introductory Call, there is a non-refundable consultation fee: see our current rates here. We then prepare a "Look-n-Feel" concept package for your project and a draft of your Scope of Work for Design Agreement. This information-gathering period usually takes about a week from receiving the consultation fee. We then book your "Initial Consultation" at your convenience. Our interior design firm prepares personalized concept packages tailored to your project.


"Initial Consultation" - 60 to 90 minutes

This Initial Consultation meeting with our Designer can be held over the Internet or on-site at your location. We will review the "Look-n-Feel" package, confirm your scope of work, and finalize your Design Agreement. We recommend that all decision-makers for the project attend this meeting so that everyone can be on the same page from the start. Our interior design firm ensures all stakeholders are aligned from the beginning.


Contracting - 3 to 5 days

After the Initial Consultation, our Designer will make revisions to the Design Agreement for the Client's signature. Once the Design Agreement is signed along with the deposit of the Design Fee, we will move into the Schematic Design phase. Our interior design firm in Sarasota ensures all contractual details are clear and agreed upon.


Schematic Design & Design Development - 4 to 6 weeks each

The Designer will work with you continuously to refine all aspects of design: Interior Architectural Elements, Cabinetry/Custom Millwork details, Color Schemes, Finishes, Furniture, Light Fixtures, and Appliances/Equipment. At the end of both the Schematic & Design phases, the Designer will present a set of working drawings with all design selections for the Client's review and written approval. Revisions will likely take additional time. Our interior designers collaborate closely with you to refine every detail.


Construction Documentation - 8 to 10 weeks

We will prepare basic Construction Documents for design purposes and communication between trades. This may include Door & Hardware Schedule, Demolition/Base Plan, Construction/Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Power & Communication Plan, Finish Plan, Furniture Plan, Interior Elevations, and Interior Architectural Specifications. These drawings and specifications ensure the design intent and integrity over the life of your project. The Designer will submit the final Construction Documents for Client's review and written approval. A leading interior design firm in Sarasota, we ensure precise and detailed construction documentation.


Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) - 4 to 6 weeks

We will finalize your FF&E Specifications for Product Procurement. The Designer will check lead time and pricing, then produce proposals for your review and written approval. We want to ensure everything is available and will deliver on time for your project. This is when we go shopping! We also work with local vendors providing furniture receiving, item inspection, storing, white-glove delivery, and professional installation. For commercial projects, we can help with the furniture dealer bidding process and then work with the selected furniture dealers. Our interior designers handle all FF&E specifications and procurement meticulously.


Construction Administration - lengths vary by projects

During construction, we will review contractor-prepared schedules, shop drawings, submittals, and RFIs. The Designer will coordinate with project consultants when necessary. The Designer also attends job site meetings to observe the quality of work at the site to determine if they are in conformance with the Designer's Construction Documents and design intent. Our interior designers oversee the construction process to ensure quality and adherence to design intent.


Installation & Completion - 1 day to 1 week

At the time construction is substantially complete, the Designer will prepare and issue a punch list of items needing correction or modification by the General Contractor. We also arrange and oversee Furniture Installation to ensure everything arrives correctly and is placed at the right location. Finally, Angela Chang Design Studio will prepare Completion Documents which include the final set of Construction Documents and the FF&E Package. Our interior designers ensure a flawless installation and completion process.

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