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Elevating Sarasota Modern Home Design with Residential Projects

Step inside our gallery of residential interior design projects, where each home tells a story of elegance, comfort, and personalized style. As experts in Sarasota's modern home design, we pride ourselves on creating spaces that reflect the essence of those who inhabit them, blending functionality with bespoke design elements.


3,920 SF, Sarasota, FL


Project done at JKLDG

A complete renovation in a luxury high-rise condominium in Downtown Sarasota. We used monochromatic colors within our architectural finishes and furniture, allowing the owner’s great collection of artwork to bring the colors into the space. This project showcases our skills in Modern Home Design in Sarasota, where sleek aesthetics meet personalized touches.


13,100 SF, Lido Key, FL


Project done at JKLDG

A beachfront custom-built residential project in Lido Key. We used natural materials to balance the futuristic architecture and the client’s love for tropical design style. Our approach to this Sarasota modern home design ensures a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and natural elements.

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