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How to Incorporate Portrait Photography in Your Home

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by Angela Chang | May 12, 2024 | Industry Partner Insights

In the world of interior design, every detail matters. From the color of your walls to the furniture you choose, each element plays a crucial role in creating a space that feels like home. One often overlooked but incredibly impactful element is photography. Instead of splurging on famous photographers’ art, incorporating your own family photos or portrait photography can be a fantastic way to infuse warmth and personality into your home.

Adding Depth and Character to Your Home


Portrait photography has the power to add depth, character, and a personal touch to your interior spaces. Historically, hiring an artist to create a portrait was a sign of status and influence, showcasing one’s appearance and surroundings. Unlike generic artwork, portraits capture the essence of a person, telling a unique story that resonates with you and your guests. Today, technology allows us to have our photos taken at our convenience, making it easier to share meaningful moments with friends and family. Imagine walking into your living room and being greeted by a series of portraits that reflect your family's history and values. It's an instant conversation starter and a way to make your house feel like a home.

Emotional Connection through Portraits

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating portrait photography into your home decor is the emotional connection it can evoke. Portraits of loved ones can bring warmth and comfort to a room, creating a welcoming atmosphere that guests will appreciate. When I walk into my clients’ homes, I often find myself drawn to family photos. These photos help me quickly learn who they are and what they enjoy doing. Whether it's a portrait of your children playing in the backyard or a family portrait taken during a special occasion, these images can evoke fond memories, create a sense of belonging, and define the unique character of the space.

Choosing the Right Portraits for Your Home


When selecting portraits for your home, it's essential to choose images that complement your home's style and color scheme. Consider the size and placement of the portraits to ensure they fit harmoniously into your space. Large, bold portraits can make a statement in a room, such as the living room or dining room, while smaller, more intimate portraits can add a personal touch to a gallery wall in the hallway or family room.

Tips for Selecting Portraits

  • Choose portraits that reflect your personality and style.

  • Consider the color scheme of your home when selecting portrait frames.

  • Experiment with different sizes and arrangements to find the perfect fit for your space.

Incorporating Portraits into Your Home Decor


There are countless ways to incorporate portraits into your home decor. One popular option is to create a gallery wall featuring a mix of portraits and other artwork. This can add visual interest to a room and create a focal point that draws the eye. You can also use portraits as standalone pieces, placing them on mantels, shelves, or side tables to add a personal touch to your decor. Nowadays, you can even use a digital photo album or TV screen to display and shuffle through all the photos you enjoy.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Portraits

  • Create a family photo wall with a mix of framed and unframed portraits.

  • Use unique frames, such as vintage or ornate frames, to add character to your portraits.

  • Experiment with different layouts, such as a grid pattern or a diagonal arrangement, to create visual interest. You can always tape out the layout until you like what you see.

Working with a Professional Photographer

While you can certainly take your own portraits, working with a professional photographer can elevate the quality of your images and ensure they align with your vision. Professional photographers have the skills and equipment to capture high-quality, personalized portraits that you'll cherish for years to come.


Tips for Working with a Photographer

  • Communicate your vision and expectations clearly.

  • Be open to the photographer's suggestions and creative ideas.

  • Trust the process and allow the photographer to work their magic.

Tips from a Professional Photographer: An Interview with Benjamin Horvat

To gain further insights into the world of luxury portrait photography, I had the pleasure of interviewing Benjamin Horvat, a professional luxury portrait photographer based in Venice. Benjamin shared his expertise and provided valuable tips for homeowners considering investing in luxury portrait photography.

Angela: What inspired you to specialize in luxury portrait photography? 


Ben: I first discovered the power of portrait photography while working as an innovative educator at a non-profit in Cleveland, Ohio. I documented a lot of this work and noticed how important it was for the children to have a picture, a record, of their achievements and accomplishments.

For the past 8 years, I have made it my career to empower people through portraits. I’ve developed a love for photography because it is a perfect blend of my formal artist training, an opportunity to connect with people and be welcomed into their lives, and create technically and artistically beautiful portraits.

As an added benefit of working in the luxury market, I am able to take time to give back, support, and help improve my local communities. 

Angela: Can you walk us through your creative process when working with clients to capture their portraits? 

Ben: First and foremost, I focus on great communication and connecting with my clients. Every client is unique, and I listen to their ideas, wants, and needs to identify why portraits are so important to them. When I discover my clients’ deeper reasons for portraits, it allows me to use my skills to shape light, create beautiful compositions, and elicit great expressions and poses.

I act as a guide who translates deeper emotions, wants, and dreams into physical realities that continue to bring joy every single day to my clients and their families.

Angela: How do you ensure the portraits you capture align with the client's vision and complement their home's aesthetic? 


Ben: Going back to the previous question - communication!

Being a formally trained artist and a bit of a designer myself, I know how important maintaining an aesthetic is, especially in a space that you live or work in. With every client, we have a “style and concept” consultation at their home or office before their portrait session.

Together at the consultation, we look through their space, documenting colors, design, lighting, and dimensions, as well as review clothing options that will complement their space. I guide them in choosing the perfect locations and styles for their portraits, including wall art like framed prints, canvas wraps, or something more modern - metal or acrylic prints, and handmade portrait books depending on their spaces.

After the portrait session, we meet again for a final design and ordering appointment where we review and select their favorite images and finalize the design of their wall art and books.

Angela: What are the common mistakes you see people make in their portrait photography? 

Ben: Three things really stand out:

First, not enough prints! There are endless ways to utilize printed portraits to enhance your home’s style and aesthetic. Not only can portraits complement your home, but they are also a great way to show your pride and love for yourself and your loved ones.

Second, following the trends. Portraits can be created in so many ways, and photographers are artists! Find someone you feel drawn to and who has their own style. Don’t expect them to create exactly what you’ve seen on social media. Inspiration is great, but something created specifically for you is much more meaningful!

Last, focusing on the wrong details. Portraits are ultimately about the person. A portrait should tell a story, capture a moment, and convey emotion. The details that matter most are people’s expressions, posture, and the love and joy between the people in the portrait. Especially when on location, it’s important for people to embrace the unique moment in time that will be captured in their portraits. The wind might be blowing, the sky might be cloudy, the sun might be hazy, and all of that is real and beautiful!

Angela: What are some options for printing your photos?


Ben: The best option is to have your photographer print and deliver your photos for you! Professional portrait photographers have access to some of the best portrait labs in the world.

Personally, my products are handmade and imported from Italy, except for my heirloom brushed and framed canvases, which are handmade here in the United States. Most photographers will also offer a lifetime guarantee on these prints, and some of us (like me!) will help you install them in your home!

Other options include online consumer photo labs. I would recommend avoiding places like Shutterlfy and Canva, as the printing quality is low. Similarly, I would also avoid Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and other large retailers (However, Costco actually does a decent job). The best online option is Mpix, although I have experienced varied quality with their prints.

In conclusion, trust your photographer, and you won’t be disappointed.

Angela: How to maintain and care for portrait photography? 

Ben: To ensure your portrait photography remains in top condition, it is essential to take proper care of it. Avoid placing portraits in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading over time.

To maintain quality, use a soft, dry cloth to gently dust the frames and glass regularly. If the portraits need cleaning, use a mild detergent diluted in water and a soft cloth to gently wipe them clean. Avoid using strong cleaners as they can damage images.

Portraits are meant to be displayed, so do not hesitate to ask your portrait photographer for best practices and placement in your home.


We thank Benjamin for sharing all the valuable insights on portrait photography and if you would like to see his work, please visit his website here.

Conclusion: Portrait Photography in Interior Design

To wrap things up, incorporating portrait photography into your home decor is a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury and personalization to your space. Whether you choose to display family portraits, artistic portraits, or a mix of both, these images can enhance the beauty and warmth of your home. By implementing the tips and advice shared in this post, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also tells a meaningful story.


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